The Dairyman is a true traditional mixed farm in the beautiful Barossa. Our혻 강남일수 way of 강남일수 강남일수 farming and sc 강남일수 ale will take you back at least 50 years??/h3>

We love t 강남일수 o share our place, offering unique accommodation in an i 강남일수 dylic Australian setting.

Our far 강남일수 m produ 강남일수 ce, inclu 강남일수 ding but 강남일수 t 강남일수 er 강남일수 , cream, po 강남일수 rk, bacon, ham and 강남일수 veal all come from 강남일수 our pasture 강남일수 raised anim 강남일수 als that are treated with the utmost respect.

M 강남일수 ichael Wohlst 강남일수 adt, The Dairy 강남일수 man

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